Sadhana For All :-

After a long and detailed research on Saraswati SadhanaPujya Jainacharya Shri Naychandrasagarsuriswarji M. S. has opened the door of Saraswati Sadhana to the students of any caste and creed from the entire world. 

Those students who joined this Sadhana will have to do Mantra writing for 36 days and they are blessed with Saraswati Krupa Prasad Dhyan also. Students will have to formally accept the Sadhana from Pujya Gurudev on the first day and then students can do the Mantra writing and meditation for next 36 days at home only.

Students can experience the change in memory and concentration during this step. Thereafter those who want to go ahead in further steps of Sadhana can proceed further with the help of Pujya Gurudev.